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10 Theater Hotties and their Dream Dates

Manila's theater heartthrobs and theater darlings -- a new generation of stage performers who are now captivating audiences with either their heart-stopping looks, to-die-for bodies, oozing appeal or their sheer versatility and talent. In line with this Valentine season, we conducted short virtual interviews with them and asked two very simple questions:
  1. If you won a Valentine date with any theater actor of your choice, who would it be and why? 
  2. What would make it the perfect date? 
In no particular order, here are the answers of those who didn't find the questions "too personal" (ok, maybe they did, but were too kind not to brush it off).

Caisa Borromeo
Most Memorable / Most Recent: Jo Marche in "Little Women"
Current / Upcoming: "Rivalry",  "Sa Wakas" (April 2013)

"Hmmm perfect date? I dunno. I like spontaneous dates... but if I had to be specific, a picnic on the beach with great music playing would be perfect. My dream date with an international Broadway theatre actor would be with Aaron Lazar. He's incredibly talented and I fell in love with him when he played Fabrizzio in "The Light In The Piazza". I also love Jeremy Jordan cause he is just gorgeous and so amazing -- and what a voice! My dream date with a local theatre actor would be with Red Concepcion cause he is just so awesome."

Fred Lo
Most Memorable / Most Recent: Mark in "RENT"
Current / Upcoming: "Rivalry", "Sa Wakas" (April 2013)

"Laurabelle Bundy, cuz she's such a comedian and my funny bone has always been a weakness of mine. And she's hot. I'm the simple date kinda guy, so a dinner and drinks after will be good for me, (I) love deep and meaningful conversations so somewhere quiet where we can talk and get to know each other better would be great!"

Topper Fabregas
Most Memorable / Most Recent: Knife #1, "Disney's Beauty and the Beast"
Current / Upcoming: Robert Castin, "Boeing Boeing"

"My dream date would be Shamaine Buencamino... but I'd probably be too star-struck to say or do anything! I'd be a very awkward date. Very."

Acey Aguilar
Most Memorable / Most Recent: Max from the play "Bent", Zelim from "Orosman", Julius from "Batalia Royale"

"If Rolando Tinio is still alive, I would love to have a date with him. Coffee/yosi lang na date. Ang dami kong tanong sa kanya eh."

Yanah Laurel
Most Memorable / Most Recent: "Spring Awakening",  "Rizal X",  "NINE"
Current / Upcoming: "Carrie" with Atlantis Productions (September 2013)

"It would be with one of my ultimate idols Lea Salonga! I have always looked up to her and admired the person she is and the career she has. The ideal "date" would simply be listening to all her stories about her journey and experiences. I would love to pick her brain and soak it all up like a sponge! She has lived an incredible life and as I listen to her stories I shall try my very best to not fall over my seat or burst into 'A Whole New World'. "

Red Concepcion
Most Memorable / Most Recent: Alan Strang in "Equus"
Current / Upcoming: "Rivalry", "Collection" with Dulaang UP (opens Feb. 13)

"Sutton (Foster). Definitely Sutton. That woman is amazing! Seems like a lot of fun to be around with too. Although, truth be told, I’d just ask her to sing the (Thoroughly Modern) Millie score to me, and I’d grill her for tips on making it as a musical theatre star. HAHAHA doesn't sound like a date, but that's what we'll do. Local theater: Caisa Borromeo. Just 'coz."

Markki Stroem
Most Memorable / Most Recent: Henry in "Next to Normal",  Shane Gray in "Camp Rock"
Current / Upcoming: Tommy in "Carrie" (September 2013)

"Jennifer Damiano (because she has a) beautiful voice, and has a sense of mystery about her that endears me. (The perfect date would be a) horror movie marathon."

Reb Atadero
Most Memorable / Most Recent: Juan in "Altar Boyz", Peter in "Bare"
Current / Upcoming: "They're Playing Our Song" with 9 Works Theatrical, "The Graduate" with Repertory Philippines (April 2013)

I think I would go out with Arianna Grande. Granted she doesn't really do much theater now, she's beautiful and has a voice that can knock you unconscious. I would probably go out with her on a karaoke/rockeoke/sing along night since I'd love to have a duet with her. We'd sing all the sets till the crowd either chooses to boo or cheer us.

Cris Villonco
Most Memorable / Most Recent: Julia in "Walang Sugat"
Current / Upcoming: "D' Wonder Twins of Boac"

"My foreign and local valentine dream dates would be Andrew Rannells and Topper Fabregas. Why? I know we'd have a great time eating, drinking, and most of all.. laughing... kailangan one on one."

David Bianco 
Most Memorable / Most Recent: Luke in "Next Fall"
Current / Upcoming: Bernard in "Boeing Boeing"

"A perfect Valentines date would include Frank's Italian Restaurant in Manhattan and then see the musical "Once". My dream stage actress to go out with is my talented and beautiful wife Jennifer Blair-Bianco. She has been my Valentine now for 7 years and the one I want to spend the rest of my Valentines with!"

And with that, we wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Audie Gemora and Alys Serdenia

All Photos belong to their owners.

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