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BroadwayWorld.com Announces Annual Theater Awards Nominees from the Philippines


New York, November 19, 2013BroadwayWorld.com, the largest theater site on the Internet covering Broadway, London’s West End, and beyond to 100 U.S. cities and 30 countries worldwide, and whose contents are catalogued in the Library of Congress, has recently announced its annual theater awards nominees from more than 50 regional markets across the globe, including the Philippines. 

When BroadwayWorld.com was launched 10 years ago, one of its very first features was its theater fans’ choice awards named BroadwayWorld.com Awards. Every year, the awards set new records for the total number of nominations and votes received; this year’s total number of nominations has even doubled compared to last year.

When BroadwayWorld.com was launched 10 years ago, one of its very first features was its theater fans’ choice awards named BroadwayWorld.com Awards. Every year, the awards set new records for the total number of nominations and votes received; this year’s total number of nominations has even doubled compared to last year.

The Bluebird of Happiness is nominated in 11 categories

Once again, hundreds of thousands of theater fans worldwide have been weighing in. With such progressive online engagement, BroadwayWorld.com Awards’ reputation as the largest and most popular online poll of its kind—open to all and with fully visible and audited results—has been further solidified.

BroadwayWorld.com gets more than four million visitors monthly, of which more than 60,000 come from the Philippines.

Until December 31, 2013, Filipino theater fans can only vote once.  Winners will be announced in early January 2014.

Below is the complete list of nominees from the Philippines:

Best Actor (Musical)
Tom Rodriguez (Atlantis Productions' Aladdin)
Dan Domenech (Viva Atlantis Theatricals' Tarzan)
Guido Gatmaytan (Trumpets' The Bluebird of Happiness)
Lorenz Martinez (9 Works Theatrical's They're Playing Our Song)
Anton Posadas (Trumpets' The Bluebird of Happiness)

Best Actor (Play)
Toper Fabregas (World Theatre and Music Project's The Maids)
Anton Juan (World Theatre and Music Project's The Maids)
Bart Guingona (Actor's Actor Inc.'s Red)
Jonathan Tadioan (Tanghalang Pilipino's Der Kaufmann)
Joaquin Valdes (Actor's Actor Inc.'s Red)

Best Actress (Musical)
Rachelle Ann Go (Viva Atlantis Theatricals' Tarzan)
Isay Alvarez (Spotlight Artists Centre's Katy)
K-La Rivera (Atlantis Productions' Carrie)
Mikkie Bradshaw (Atlantis Productions' Carrie)
Aicelle Santos (Spotlight Artists Centre's Katy)

Best Actress (Play)
Pinky Amador (Atlantis Productions' Piaf)
Jenny Jamora (Team Asia's Mind's Eye)
Carla Dunareanu (Repertory Philippines' Boeing Boeing)
Giannina Ocampo (Repertory Philippines' Boeing Boeing)
Jennifer Blair-Bianco (Repertory Philippines' Boeing Boeing)

Best Book, Lyrics for a Filipino Musical (New/Revival)
Jose Javier Reyes (Spotlight Artists Centre's Katy)
Jaime del Mundo (Trumpets' The Bluebird of Happiness)
Rody Vera (PETA's D' Wonder Twins of Boac)
Luigi Nacario (Kids Acts Philippines' Hansel and Gretel)

Best Choreography (Musical)
Delphine Buencamino (Blue Repertory's Spring Awakening)
Paolo Infante (Repertory Philippines' Camp Rock)
Nancy Crowe (Trumpets' The Bluebird of Happiness)
Carlon Matobato (PETA's D' Wonder Twins of Boac)
Gemini Quintos (9 Works Theatrical's They're Playing Our Song)

Best Costume Design (Musical/Play)
Eric Pineda (Viva Atlantis Theatricals' Tarzan)
Leeroy New (Tanghalang Pilipino's Ibalong)
Gino Gonzales (Green Wings Entertainment's Lorenzo)
Mio Infante (9 Works Theatrical's They're Playing Our Song)

Best Crossover Artist (Mainstream to Theater)
Tom Rodriguez (Atlantis Productions' Aladdin)
Aicelle Santos (Spotlight Artists Centre's Katy)
Marc Abaya (Red Turnip's Closer)

Best Direction of a Musical
Andrei Pamintuan (Culture Shock's Sa Wakas)
Jaime del Mundo (Trumpets' The Bluebird of Happiness)
Nonon Padilla (Green Wings Entertainment's Lorenzo)
Robbie Guevara (9 Works Theatrical's They're Playing Our Song)
Tuxqs Rutaquio (Tanghalang Pilipino's Sandosenang Sapatos)

Best Direction of a Play
Dexter Santos (Dulaang UP's Collection)
Jose Estrella (Dulaang UP's Adarna)
Bart Guingona (Actor's Actor Inc.'s Red)
Miguel Faustmann (Repertory Philippines' Boeing Boeing)
Tuxqs Rutaquio and Rody Vera (Tanghalang Pilipino's Der Kaufmann)

Best Featured Actor (Musical)
Joel Trinidad (Trumpets' The Bluebird of Happiness)
Terence Guillermo (Green Wings Entertainment's Lorenzo)
Tirso Cruz III (Spotlight Artists Centre's Katy)
Jamie Wilson (Viva Atlantis Theatricals' Full Monty)
Robie Zialcita (Trumpets' The Bluebird of Happiness)

Best Featured Actor (Play)
Leo Rialp (Dulaang UP's Collection)
Alexander Cortez (Dulaang UP's Collection)
Ruffy Du Buco (Harlequin Theatre Guild's The Sky Over Dimas)

Best Featured Actress (Musical)
Aiza Seguerra (Atlantis Production's Aladdin)
Ima Castro (Viva Atlantis Theatricals' Tarzan)
Lynn Sherman (Trumpets' The Bluebird of Happiness)
Bituin Escalante (Repertory Philippines' Alice in Wonderland)
Camille Lopez-Molina (Green Wings Entertainment's Lorenzo)

Best Featured Actress (Play)
Teetin Villanueva (Dulaang UP's Collection)
G Tongi (Atlantis Productions' Piaf)
Jenny Jamora (World Theatre and Music Project's The Maids)
Baby Barredo (Repertory Philippines' Boeing Boeing)

Best Filipino Musical (New/Revival)
Sa Wakas (Culture Shock)
The Bluebird of Happiness (Trumpets)
Katy (Spotlight Artists Theatre)
Ibalong (Tanghalang Pilipino)
Sandosenang Sapatos (Tanghalang Pilipino)

Best Filipino Play (New/Revival)
Adarna (Dulaang UP)
Collection (Dulaang UP)
Der Kaufmann (Tanghalang Pilipino)
The Sky Over Dimas (Harlequin Theatre Guild)
Banwa! (Department of Humanities-UPLB)

Best International Touring Production (Musical/Play)
Potted Potter (Lunchbox Theatrical Productions)
The Grufallo (ABA Productions)

Best Lighting Design (Musical/Play)
John Batalla (Dulaang UP's Collection)
Lex Marcos (Dulaang UP's Adarna)
Martin Esteva (9 Works Theatrical's They're Playing Our Song)
Jonjon Villareal (PETA's D' Wonder Twins of Boac)

Best Locally Produced Broadway Show (Musical/Play)
Disney's Tarzan (Viva Atlantis Theatricals)
Carrie (Atlantis Productions)
Rock of Ages (Atlantis Productions)
They're Playing Our Song (9 Works Theatrical)
Red (Actor's Actor Inc.)

Best Music for a Filipino Musical (New/Revival)
Ebe Dancel (Culture Shock's Sa Wakas)
Ryan Cayabyab (Spotlight Artists Centre's Katy)
Rony Fortich (Trumpets' The Bluebird of Happiness)
Ryan Cayabyab (Green Wings Entertainment's Lorenzo)
Jeff Hernandez (PETA's D' Wonder Twins of Boac)

Best Musical Direction (Musical)
Ejay Yatco (Culture Shock's Sa Wakas)
Mon Faustino, Rony Fortich and Sweet Plantado (Trumpets' The Bluebird of Happiness)
Pipo Cifra (Philippine Stagers Foundation's Bonifacio: Isang Sarsuwela)
Jeff Hernandez (PETA's D' Wonder Twins of Boac)
Joseph Tolentino (9 Works Theatrical's They're Playing Our Song)

Best Scenic Design (Musical/Play)
Mio Infante (Trumpets' The Bluebird of Happiness)
Gino Gonzales (Green Wings Entertainment's Lorenzo)
Faust Peneyra (Atlantis Productions' Piaf)
Lex Marcos (PETA's D' Wonder Twins of Boac)
Mio Infante (9 Works Theatrical's They're Playing Our Song)

Best Sound Design (Musical/Play)
Bobbit Jacinto (Atlantis Productions’ Carrie)
Chuck Ledesma (9 Works Theatrical's They're Playing Our Song)
Rards Corpus (Green Wings Entertainment's Lorenzo)
TJ Ramos (Tanghalang Pilipino's Der Kaufmann)

Best Theater Company
Sipat Lawin Ensemble
Kids Acts Philippines
Red Turnip
Green Wings Entertainment

Best Theatrical Venue
CCP Main Theater
Meralco Theater
Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium
SDA Theater, CSB
St. Cecilia Hall, St. Scholastica

Sunday, November 17, 2013

F-U-N to the MAXIEmum level

The award-winning film by Auraeus Solito based on Michiko Yamamoto's screenplay about an effeminate boy who fell for his policeman friend, has blossomed into a full-blown musical. At a time when news feeds are dominated by sad reports about super typhoon Yolanda’s aftermath, the gifted actors of "Maxie, the Musicale" headlined by Jayvhot Galang, has brought the much needed laughter and amusement onstage.

Jayvhot, first wowed the public with his vocal stylings in gameshows and talent contests on TV. Though a theater neophyte, he armed himself with this same jaw-dropping vocal affectations and natural gift of dance that impressed his cast mates and even the production staff.

Dexter M. Santos, the show's director and choreographer said that "the challenge in having a beginner for the role of Maxie is the instilling of the discipline of theater and coming to terms with the performance techniques he is already used to." Nevertheless, Santos, is happy with the rawness of Jayvhot's approach that made the character real and sincere.

In a backstage interview with Honorata Manila, the 15-year old actor is also quite overjoyed for being entrusted this responsibility which made him prepare by reading the script countless times, watching the film to learn more about the character, and by going to mentoring sessions with the director and workshops under PETA.

The result of this training is something that audiences should watch out for to prove whether his whole Maxie experience really taught him about the importance of discipline and hardwork.

We were privileged to get a private sampling of his birit powers. Being a fan of Regine Velasquez and Beyonce, belting the songs written by Nicolas B. Pichay, William Elvin Manzano, JJ Pimpinio, and Janine Santos, comes out naturally but this belter also believes in singing from the heart and understanding what you are singing about. He, however, needs to strengthen his falsetto with the very delicate notes and lyrics for the scene to be understood.

Charm and sex appeal

Making beautiful melodies on stage with Jayvhot is Jojo Riguerra, the very charming and sexy Sampaloc policeman, Victor who arrests not just the maladies of society but also the young heart of Maxie.

Jojo is an architect by profession but also works as a model and actor. He let us in his dressing room where he stripped off his uniform to reveal five important things  for his role and yes, we got to see his big gun too.

When we asked him what he would do if a boy fell for him in real life, he said he would rather be a big brother to him and give advise and words of wisdom.

Natural Chemistry

Jayvhot and Jojo's blend of talent, innocence and good looks unquestionably result to good chemistry in the show. The audience can see and feel a good balance of admiration and respect from both Maxie and Victor, seeing how comfortable they are with each other on and off stage.

We decided to put this chemistry to the test and challenged the two to a stare-off. One is to keep a haughty face while the other attempts to elicit a smile from him without uttering a word. The result is a priceless kilig moment.

The stage version of the show by Nicolas B. Pichay, written for mature audience is a lot of fun to watch. From the lively song & dance numbers, the funny lines, to the flamboyant scenes, you are sure to have one helluva good time in the theatre. The show's director says that "if there is one thing that the show wants to teach the audience, I guess it is knowing that hope, happiness and love will ultimately come from one's self." and that is a really nice bonus for the audience.

Maxie the Musical is presented by Bit by Bit Company in cooperation with PETA Theater Center and the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It runs until December 8, 2013.

Photo Credits: VerJube Photographics

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Producers finally opens


THE PRODUCERS, based on the 1968 Mel Brooks movie of the same name, was written by Brooks and Thomas Meehan, with songs arranged by Glen Kelly and Doug Besterman. The story of THE PRODUCERS concerns two theatrical producers, Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom, who hatch a scam to stage the worst Broadway musical they can find, so that they can get rich from investors and then pocket the money when the show flops. After finding the script “Springtime for Hitler” by crazed Nazi playwright Franz Liebkind, they bring on board Roger DeBris, Carmen Ghia as well as their sexpot secretary, Ulla. Their scheme falls apart, however, when “Springtime for Hitler” becomes a smash hit instead.

The humor of the show draws on ridiculous accents, homosexual stereotypes, and Nazis, along with many show business in-jokes. It is a satirical comedy that can be appreciated by both insiders and outsiders of the theatre industry.

Directed by Jaime del Mundo, the Manila premier of THE PRODUCERS features top caliber actors CARLO OROSA and ROBIE ZIALCITA alternating as Max Bialystock, the beleaguered producer facing bankruptcy, who woos little old ladies into backing his shows.

TOPPER FABREGAS takes on the role of Leopold “Leo” Bloom, a cowardly and infantile hapless accountant who first has the idea to produce a flop on purpose.

Media icon G T├ľNGI tackles the role of Ulla, a blonde Swedish bombshell who auditions for the show and becomes Max and Leo’s secretary/receptionist.

Actor-director JOEL TRINIDAD plays Franz Liebkind, a former Nazi whose play is chosen by Max and Leo as a definite flop.

Stage and screen veteran NOEL TRINIDAD (Joel’s father) takes on the role of Roger De Bris, the flamboyant homosexual cross-dresser chosen to direct the show. He alternates the role of Roger with one of the icons of Philippine musical theater, AUDIE GEMORA.

Versatile actor NOEL RAYOS takes the role of Carmen Ghia, Roger’s “common law assistant.”

The ensemble is composed of Nelsito Gomez, Steven Conde, Tristan Cheng, Jay Pangilinan, Leroy de Guzman, Natalie Everett, Daff Abear, Liesl Batucan, Micaela Pineda, Shalee Vicencio, and Gemini Quintos.

THE PRODUCERS is full of irreverent humor, silly gags, outlandish characters, and, of course, showstopping musical numbers. The show runs from November 15 to December 15, 2013.

All performances are at Onstage, 2/F, Greenbelt 1, Paseo de Roxas corner Legaspi St., Makati City.

 Photos by: Vic Guerrero