Friday, February 1, 2013

LEA SALONGA soars in sold out American Songbook performance

Lea Salonga's sold out, one-night-only performance delivered an amazing kick off for the 15th Season of Lincoln Center's American Songbook which will run until April 20, 2013. Judging by the video clip of Jay Kuo's Higher from "Allegiance", sung as Lea's finale number, the crowd in The Allen Room last January 30 was definitely and deafeningly pleased.

It was just two days ago when we saw a clip of her FOX TV appearance to promote the show. She may have wowed throngs  with her chilling rendition of "Empty Chairs and Empty Tables" from "Les Miserables" but this song from the musical about Japanese Americans even took our high a couple of notches up.

After watching the video clip below, shared on Facebook by the composer himself, we just had to transcribe the lyrics (couldn't find it online so let us know if you have corrections) the following morning  to learn the really amazing song which is kind of reminiscent of "Meadowlark" from "The Baker's Wife".

Here it is. Wanna jam one of these days?

(Words & Music by Jay Kuo)

Higher is from Allegiance, the musical.
There once was a little girl playing on the swing set
That her grandpa built by the sycamore tree near the rusty farmyard gate
And while her mama pinned the laundry
The little girl would cry out loud
Push me higher, push me higher
Push me, I can't wait
Her mama would push a couple times but there was laundry still to do
So she learned to use her own strength, pulled her own weight, push on through

To swing higher, higher than before
Higher, but afraid to reach for something more
Higher, higher towards the sky
Until the day she bent to kiss her mama a last goodbye

There once was a little boy who rode that swing set
He had a licorice twist from the store in town and  to now his skinned up knees
And while his sister pinned the laundry the little boy would cry out loud
Push me higher, push me higher, push me pretty please
The girl would push a couple times but there was laundry still to do
Then she watched amazed as that little boy simply pulled his own weight through

To swing higher, higher than she dared
Higher, how he swings so high and not be scared
Higher, he could touch the sky
Right there she knew that he would also one day tell her goodbye

That little boy he seems so sure
Was it something never taught to her?
How the years passed quickly by that girl's a woman still afraid to try
Is it too late to start again, get back that feeling I had then
But now my life is upside down there's no more farm there's no more town
And no use asking why but I won't let it pass me by
Life wont pass me by
I'll fly!

Get back on that swing
Higher soaring higher up than anything
Higher, I want something more
I dreamed I'd reach for greater things
My eyes upon those golden rings
I'll take what chance the future brings
And soar!

 Lea sings "Higher" from Allegiance (video by V Lirio)

Honorata Manila's Photo Collage taken from screenshots of V Lirio's video clip.

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  1. Jay Kuo emailed us and will be sending the correct lyrics. How thoughtful. Thanks, Jay!