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"There are many more Happinesses on Earth than people think; but the generality of men do not dicover them…” —- Maurice Maeterlinck
If you were to be asked, how would you define HAPPINESS? Being the theatre junkies that we are, we bet you’re gonna burst out the final song in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, ha. But, have you found that happiness that you’ve been searching for? Does that make you truly happy?

In line with Trumpets’ big musical comeback via ‘The Bluebird of Happiness’ - a highly anticipated musical adaptation of a timeless tale with Book & Lyrics by Jaime del Mundo and Music by Rony Fortich, this post aims to remind us of the sometimes forgotten truth that the happiness we seek is just within reach all along.

With research by Honorata Manila and an article put together by The Stage Door Canteen, below are some of your favorite Trumpeteers and their answers to the following questions on Happiness:

1. What is your definition of Happiness? 
2. Have you found the Happiness you’ve been searching for?  
3. What makes you truly happy?

Kakki Teodoro
  • Ultimately, I’ve always believed that Happiness is a choice. If you want to be happy, you will be. If with everything that you have in your life you still end up unhappy, then it’s of your own making. Choose Happiness!
  • IF you choose to be happy in anything & everything, you find it easily. Once I find it, I move on to many other things that bring happiness. There’s always a next level, a new chapter to the Happiness Journey. It’s a constant, rewarding search. So to answer your question, Yes!
  • For one, achieving dreams/goals with ease makes me happy. Ease is important because I feel if you work TOO hard for something, joy becomes forced & in a sense, the peace is lost. Another thing that makes me truly happy is loving & being loved by that one special person. Seeing & making my friends happy. Making an audience laugh! FREEDOM to choose & do what I want. Playing with children & getting a hug from a child—that’s priceless. Getting gratitude, respect & praise from colleagues. Most importantly, being able to take care of my mom & making her proud. If I become the daughter she deserves & if I become half the mother that she is, then that would also be my ultimate, lifelong happiness.

Noel Rayos
  • Happiness is freedom. Freedom to experience life and all experiences, and interpret those experiences as we choose to. We can only be as free as we allow ourselves to. Throughout life, we all have an idea of the human being we see ourselves to be, the best notion of who we are. For as long as we are in line with that, whether we think we’re already there, or well on our way, then we’re happy!
  • As of now, I am free to experience. I am free to keep searching. Yes, we are happy :0
  • I am truly happy when I fulfill my best idea of who I am. The times that I don’t quite do that, I’m not. Then I pick myself up and try to get back on the horse.

J.M. Rodriguez
  • Happiness is having awesome friends, a job you enjoy and a family that supports and loves you
  • I did ! Years ago
  • A lot of things. Singing, a strawberry shake , Bacolod chicken, theater and having a good laugh makes me happy

Francis Matheu
  • Contentment of the heart. When your contented then you wish for nothing more. You’re full, fulfilled. 
  • Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.
  • It varies. Family. Theater- when I act, direct, teach (when I impart knowledge and they get it), watch. Travel- here or abroad. Friends.

 Enrique Canoy
  • Definition of Happiness — That deep sense of fulfillment (for lack of a better word) you feel when you get your heart’s wish in a very personal way, coupled with the equally deep gratitude of discovering and realizing it.
  • Have I found my happiness? — I feel that this year, more than ever, I’m closer to finding it. Left my corporate job in 2009 to pursue theater fulltime and thought that was the pinnacle of my personal happiness. Funnily enough, my experiences in lecturing and conducting workshops/classes in the past few years has gotten me to realize that my real fulfillment comes from TEACHING. As for affairs of the heart, well… there’s currently a special person in my life. Just taking things slow and discovering Happiness together, one day at a time.
  • What makes me truly happy? — Enjoying the simple things of life like time with family, friends and close loved ones; Quiet time for myself doing what I love (i.e. reading, singing, eating); and having the joy and privilege to do what I love for a living and to love what I do coz it’s what makes me truly feel alive.

Daniel Darwin
  • Happiness is the cheap and ephemeral kid-brother of Joy. It comes from without, is rooted in circumstances, influences, materials, people. It is anything that comes from the world that makes us forget - even for a little bit - that we’re all going to die [alone].
  • Of course not. If it could be found that easily, we wouldn’t spend our lives searching for it.
  • Honestly? Theatre that asks questions. Hard questions. Real questions. Nothing makes me feel more alive, and nothing makes me more happy than feeling alive.
Ruth Alferez
  • Happiness is QT! Quality Time with my Family and Friends. Alone Time is also my Happiness. (Mababaw lang pala kaligayahan ko….pero madalas mahirap pa ring makuha.hahaha. As I grow older, nag-iiba yung definition ng happiness.)

Chinie Concepcion

  • Happiness is doing what God created and called me to do. 
  • Yes, though I am still on my journey. 
  • Being with my husband and loved ones, doing good work, helping others, loving God.

There you have it guys! Here’s to hoping that this Easter Sunday, we shall reflect on what the Savior has done for us and in return, be joyful and that the true happiness is within our reach.

Be on watch for more buzz from your SDC buddies and Honorata Manila. Isn’t this fun? Theatre blogs teaming up with each other to provide more accurate and timely deets about the industry. Now that’s love for theatre!
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