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Our Favorite Tony Awards Moments

The 67th Annual Tony Awards is just around the corner and for most thespians it's one of the bigger highlights of the year - more important than the Golden Globes, SAG or even the Oscars because they get to witness who in the entire theaterdom reigns supreme.

Sometimes referred to as the Gay Superbowl, theater aficionados in Manila (whether straight or not) make sure to catch the American Theater Wing's awarding ceremony each year either LIVE on their HDTV or by clicking on snippets online.

Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris returns to Radio City Hall to host the much-awaited event on June 9 so while waiting, we would like to present to you Honorata Manila's favorite moments from past Tony Awards; Moments immortalized on YouTube such as moving acceptance speeches, showstopping musical numbers, tragic openings, and other memorable scenes that made us laugh, cry, or beam with pride. Enjoy!

Here's 10 of our Favorite Tony Moments:

Idina Menzel makes hubby cry (2004)
The girl who originally played Maureen in RENT, winning over some of Broadway's heavyweights and previous Tony winners probably made those girls turn greener than Elphie; Nevertheless, she acknowledged her co-star Kristin Chenoweth as the grace and light of the Wicked stage. We're not big fans of onstage mush but seeing the beautiful Taye Diggs cry made it all forgivable.

Bret Michaels, Dropping on Stage (2009)
Aside from featuring a medley from the year's musical nominees, Bret Michaels "gave headbanging a whole new meaning" after his Rock of Ages segment.

Steve Kazee Honors Mother (2012)
Steve's mother Kathy, lost the long fight with breast cancer earlier that year. In his emotional speech accepting the Best Performance of a Leading Actor in a Musical for Once, he made the crowd tear up after sharing that she told him before shows to always let people know whose little boy he is. Though he is ok now, it was too bad that he had to leave "Once" sooner than planned because of a risk of hemorrhage in his vocal chords.

The Duel of Hugh and Neil (2011)
Broadway bankables Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris in a sing-and-dance off. Who did better, Wolvey or Barney, you decide.

Sutton Foster in Anything Goes (2011)
Her award-winning performance in the Cole Porter classic that also won Best Revival of a Musical that year was so memorable that even fellow Broadway performers pay her homage by doing covers of this number.

Hugh Jackman and his Gold Pants (2004)
This showstopping number gave Sarah Jessica Parker a surprise audience participation (before showing her Aura in Manila this month). Although she was such a good sport, she was undeniably uncomfortable at one point. Come to think of it, anybody would be embarrassed to be put in a very "tight" situation with Hugh.

Jennifer Holiday's Iconic Performance (1982)
Divas learned a thing or two from the thunderous yet heartfelt belts of the original Effie of the Dreamettes. We hear the guy who played Curtis is now endorsing hearing aids (LOL). Some still attempt to outdo her but sorry... keep on dreaming, girls.

Lion King's roaring number  (1998)
Africa was brought to Radio City Music Hall complete with an elephant, a rhinoceros, gazelles and other animals when the cast of Lion King performed and made the audience roar in applause. The stage also became their Pride Land as they brought home the Tony Award for best musical that year.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Raps it up (2008)
Accepting his Best Original Score Award for In The Heights, Lin-Manuel burst into freestyle rap. A real winner, this one.

Lea Salonga's First Tony (1991)
It was an earth-shaking experience for Filipinos because a fellow Pinoy won the coveted trophy for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical for Miss Saigon. Lea gave hope to Filipinos and proved that dreams do come true. Let's hope she and other Noypis get more Tonys.

What are your favorite Tony Awards moments? Leave a comment below and enjoy the show next month. Visit their official website  or follow them on Twitter.

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